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The European project, REZBUILD (Refurbishment decision making platform through advanced technologies for nearly Zero Energy Building Renovation), is an initiative financed by the European Commission. It seeks to define an innovative and collaborative renovation ecosystem for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) in Europe. Zabala Innovation participates in REZBUILD, supporting the coordination of the project and leading dissemination and communication actions, social innovation and the exploitation of results.


REZBUILD promotes innovation in the building sector with the integration of technologies to achieve the goal of an annual renovation rate of 2.5%, up from the current rate of less than 1%, a 60% reduction in primary energy consumption, as well as a 30% reduction in installation time invested, compared to traditional renovations.


To achieve these objectives, REZBUILD bases its renovation ecosystem on the integration of cost-effective technologies in a platform for decision making, business models and life cycle interaction in various typologies of residential renovations, interconnecting the stages of building renovation and the agents involved in the whole process. To this end, a multi-collaborative framework will be established within a refurbishment methodology, managed by a project management tool, capable of interconnecting, in real time, the key steps of the refurbishment plan, among all the agents involved in the building renovation value chain.


The most cost-effective and optimised renovation technology package will be validated in three different European scenarios (Spain, Norway and Italy), each with a different climate and different building construction typologies.

Key stakeholders, municipal administrations and local communities will be involved in the project through social innovation and participation actions, which will be very important for the success and acceptance of the initiative.


This project has been financed by the European Union’s Horzion 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 768623.

Cristina Catalina

“REZBUILD will create a collaborative renovation ecosystem, easy to customise and implement according to the various building renovation rates in European countries and even beyond European borders.”

Cristina Catalina

Senior Consultant

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