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Digital transformation is undoubtedly one of the main priorities foreseen in the 2021-2027 period. Major European policies have defined it as such: it will empower businesses and citizens and ensure Europe’s sovereignty in key enabling technologies for digitalisation and production to build a competitive, digital, low-carbon and circular industry.

At Zabala Innovation, we know that in today’s dynamic and highly digital context, it is essential to have agile and open innovation processes. Which is why we have introduced Kaila, the first intelligent platform focused on the identification and interconnection of the different innovation actors in Europe.

The European Commission is defining the foundations of a Digital Europe, through which it will develop strategic digital capabilities and drive the deployment of digital technologies, fostering the digital transformation of society and the economy.

What are the digitalisation challenges of the period 2021-2027?

Reliable artificial intelligence can help achieve greater manufacturing efficiency, improve healthcare, modernise transportation and support energy transformation.

The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking was created to develop a highly competitive supercomputing ecosystem, and Horizon Europe will continue to work along these lines.

Cybersecurity: the EU is developing initiatives to promote cyber-resilience, deterrence and defence, both at national and European levels. In Spain, INCIBE works to develop cybersecurity and citizens’ trust as well as protect information and privacy. In Europe, the Cybersecurity Strategy, approved in 2020, focuses on increasing connectivity in homes and buildings, hospitals, transport etc. but also focuses on increasing the level of cyber resilience, working with partners around the world to ensure international security and stability.

All these actions collaborate to improve the EU’s competitiveness within the global digital economy. To this end, new digital technologies will be deployed to support the digital transformation and ensure high-quality public services for the benefit of citizens and businesses.


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