Each year, the European Commission allocates billions of euros in grants and subsidies to innovative projects. The information on what these opportunities are, which organisations receive funding and which actors are involved, etc. is located in different data sources and web pages, complicating the identification of opportunities and information filtering. In a dynamic and comprehensive context, Kaila was created to promote open innovation by facilitating the creation and management of innovation ecosystems in Europe.

Kaila: a platform with three modules

Kaila facilitates the idenficiation of opportunities and potential partners, and allows users to analyse innovation trends and perform competitive and technology watches. The platform consists of three modules: Analytics, Wise and Connect. The first to see the light of day was Analytics, which allows users to easily consult information. Kaila Wise, a recommendation engine based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), was then launched. This engine expands user knowledge and offers suggestions and recommendations based on a sophisticated algorithm. It also provides data that simplifies analyses, based on users’ searches. The last module, soon to be released, is Kaila Connect, allows users to connect with other people who want to share their interests.


  • Time-saving

    By unifying different sources in a single environment, you save time accessing information.

  • Facilitates decision making

    Kaila processes the information and displays it graphically, facilitating analyses and decision making.

  • Information sharing

    Easily extract and share information with your team, with downloadable reports.


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