Industry, Aerospace
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Industry, Aerospace

Industrial progress transforms the way industry develops and produces new products and services, as well as the way we live, work and learn; it is fundamental to any sustainable future. Technological progress, within the aero industry, shapes all sectors of the economy and society. For that reason, it is essential to ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials and provide the basis for breakthroughs and innovation in all global societal challenges.

Industry: objectives

Industry, including manufacturing, processing and construction, is one of the main drivers of the European economy. However, investments in R&D&I at a European level are far lower than in other world powers. Therefore, to reach one of the main objectives of this new period, we are investing in research in this sector to develop a modern, competitive, sustainable and digital industrial network and to promote innovation in products, processes, technology, etc.

At a national level, strategies are being developed to strengthen the industrial sector; it is necessary to promote the reindustrialisation of the economy from the transformation of our industrial fabric (including SMEs), to adapt it to digitisation and international competition. This process must go hand in hand with an ecological transition.

Aerospace, an emerging industry.

Space technologies, data and services have become indispensable in the daily lives of citizens through the use of cell phones, car navigation systems, satellite TV, weather forecasting and emergency services. The ability to access and use the aerospace is a strategic asset for Europe and its Member States, impacting many other sectors and providing business opportunities for high-tech companies, in combination with digital technologies.

For that reason, together, the industrial and aerospace sectors are one of the pillars of the European Framework Programme and national development plans.


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