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Since the beginning, at ZABALA, we have evolved in our commitments to society and in our strategy, in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.

We have devoted ourselves to local communities and social organisations, considering CSR as a permanent commitment to continuous improvement, with the adoption of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability and social transformation.

ZABALA addresses the challenges of social transformation, necessary to build stronger and more cohesive societies. Through innovation, we are actors in this ecosystem that can contribute to improving the well-being of local communities, supporting organisations, making them more competitive, and supporting collaborative innovation through networks and alliances. The current context has not only reinforced our vision of changes to come, but it has also accelerated these changes by highlighting the urgency of the energy transition, digitalisation, and a global commitment to science, from its most basic level, to bringing innovation to the market.

We have always shown our commitment to society and local communities (our headquarters is still located in Navarra, which focuses on generating innovation for the rest of Europe and other countries). This is one of the hallmarks of ZABALA Innovation. From there, we have reached the international agenda, through our adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, as well as other organisations, such as Foretica. In addition, we actively contribute to European policies, through our participation in the different funding programmes dedicated to innovation and through supporting our clients. We aim to be actors of change and support our stakeholders who are part of it.

Since 2014, we have been publishing reports, in which we have integrated international standards and methodologies, such as the Global Reporting Initiative. Measuring our social impact is one of the requirements we implement in the most relevant European initiatives and funding programmes.

These initiatives focus on ZABALA’s external communication with our stakeholders. However, one of our main stakeholders also includes our staff, with whom we have established processes for improvement and for strengthening commitment. All these process and actions are related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Periodic Work Climate surveys and collaboration with employees to establish measures for improvement.
  • Commitment to work-life balance and gender equality, with an Equality Plan.
  • Environmental Action Plan
  • Campaigns to support organisations and NGOs, with projects presented and chosen by our staff.

We still have many challenges to overcome. Social responsibility is a long-term process and one of our permanent commitments. We are on a path of improvement.

Zabala and Social Innovation.

We maintain a very strong commitment to Social Innovation, with a consolidated team working in European programmes. The EU’s largest research and development programme, Horizon Europe, considers Social Innovation as one of the eight cross-cutting themes (along with dissemination and communication, open science, gender equality, Key Enabling Technologies, ethical aspects, taxonomy and human and social sciences). Social innovation is a service that offers us the possibility to implement pioneer policies and to offer a service to our clients that is essential today to innovate in sectors such as energy, for example, which is key to the Green Deal and climate policies.

Social Innovation enables the establishment of processes of commitment and participation with key social and economic agents. It is essential for innovative projects and policies to be implemented appropriately, based on social understanding and acceptance.

On the other hand, we offer services to help organisations implement these internal and external processes within their organisations, and to align their business strategies with the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs through reports, in which they communicate their commitment to society.

Today, the international context is marked by the 2030 Agenda, and at the European level by the Non-Financial Reporting Directive and the future Due Diligence and Corporate Responsibility Directive.

This means that CSR will move from voluntary to mandatory regulation, with changes that will be beneficial in all respects. Through this, Europe will continue to ensure companies’ compliance with the most advanced standards in the areas of social responsibility, the environment and human rights.

Being active agents of innovation allows us at ZABALA to have a strategic vision of these changes and to support organisations willing to join this change.

For us, maintaining a strong social commitment is an advantage, since our clients appreciate collaborating with others who share their social commitments, and in turn, citizens choose the most responsible options.

Sustainability and commitment to the SDGs.

Our vision, reflected in our sustainability report, reveals the other SDGs in which the company works, with specific actions, such as SDG 5 – Equality, SDG 16 – PEACE, SDG 13 – CLIMATE ACTION, SDG 10 – REDUCING INEQUALITIES, etc.

Sustainability and commitment to the SDGs

Sustainability and commitment to the SDGs

Sustainability, reflected in ZABALA’s mission.

“The international framework favours the integration of social innovation in business practices, with the public as the target and participant of the policies. Business activity is governed by due diligence and respect for human rights. We apply social innovation from our company’s DNA to our clients, with our own methodology, which aims to support those who are in the process of transitioning to a new management model.” – Leire Martiarena, Senior RDI Consultant

Sustainability, reflected in Zabala's mission

Sustainability, reflected in Zabala’s mission

Leire Martiarena

“The international framework also favours the integration of social innovation in business practices, and citizens are both recipients and participants in policies. Business activity is governed by due diligence and respect for human rights. We apply sustainability, social innovation from our DNA to our clients, with our own methodology, which aims to support those who are in the process of transition to a new management model.”

Leire Martiarena

Social Innovation Area Manager

Alliances for sustainability


Forética is the benchmark organisation in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Its mission is to integrate social, environmental and good governance aspects into the strategy and management of companies and organisations.


International initiative that promotes the implementation of 10 universally accepted principles to promote sustainable development in the areas of Human Rights and Business, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption.


It is the Association for management progress and, among other things, organises networking, training, management development and exchange of ideas events.