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The ProBIO project “Your toolkit for bioeconomy research exploitation,” in which Zabala Innovation participates, seeks to support the Bioeconomy sector (covering agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, pulp and paper productions, as well as part of the chemical, biotechnology and energy industries) to exploit their R&I results and facilitate their transfer to the market for the creation of new products and services.


Access to investment and funding sources as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship is essential for the development of the Bioeconomy in Europe. The ProBio project, in which ZABALA Innovation Consulting participates, will offer coaching and support to companies and entrepreneurs to promote and accelerate the commercialisation of the results of their R&I projects. In addition, information and knowledge channels will be provided to reach higher levels of technological maturity and the results will be transferred to the agents responsible for the design of policies and strategies.


The European Commission published the Bioeconomy strategy for the EU in 2012, which proposes increased investment in research, common policies and support for the sector’s markets, for example, through knowledge sharing. Its development could lead to a more sustainable and resilient Europe in the face of climate change threats and generate economic and environmental benefits.


The Bioeconomy is already a substantial part of the European economy, representing a turnover of around 2 trillion euros and employing 22 million people. It is estimated that every euro invested in EU-funded Bioeconomy research and innovation will generate ten euros of added value in these sectors by 2025.

Laura Sesma

“The success of a project lies in the valorisation of its results, ProBIO is the tool for the commercialisation or generation of new projects.”

Laura Sesma

Health Knowledge Area Leader

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