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Regions4Climate aims to develop smarter, more inclusive, more resilient regional ecosystems through cross-sectoral innovation jointly created with stakeholders, by and for people. The development and implementation of cross-sectoral strategies that incorporate combinations of social, technological, digital, business, governance and environmental solutions to common climate resilience challenges is at present constrained by knowledge deficits and uncertainties, as well as science-policy stakeholder gaps.


Regions4Climate will implement innovative actions to improve climate resilience in close cooperation with the stakeholders within the real settings of the associated regions. The project will use an intersectoral approach to develop and validate resilience solutions that include innovative technologies, their integration and their application in combination with new business models and innovative policies. This will facilitate and strengthen decision making and will improve regional climate change resilience by providing a set of tested, scalable and easily reproducible climate change adaptation solutions.


Regions4Climate will have important socio-cultural, economic and environmental repercussions during the 5 years of the project. The project’s long-term results are expected to benefit at least 13.8 million people, living in the 12 regions belonging to Regions4Climate, with a potential to expand them to around 746 million people in Europe in the long run.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101093873.

Irene Pelegrín

“Regions4Climate aims to address climate challenges and develop smarter, more inclusive and resilient regional ecosystems through innovation.”

Irene Pelegrín

Expert consultant in the area of Social Innovation

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