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The objective of the FETFX project is to promote FET research among a broad spectrum of actors (researchers and innovation community, policy makers and the general public) through community building and stakeholder engagement activities.


The FET programme has encouraged researchers and their community to create and consolidate promising technologies through high-risk, long-term, multidisciplinary, collaborative, cutting-edge research. In addition, it has supported technology research projects and is considered an incubator of new ideas and topics for long-term research and innovation in various undiscovered areas of ICT and COM, material, physical and chemical sciences, biotechnology and health, energy and environmental engineering, etc.


FETFX proposes an innovative and customised communication and dissemination based on the previous effort made by the EFFECT project. The idea is to take advantage of the experience gained in other coordination and support actions (COFET and FEAT), involving some of the FETFX partners, funded under the FET programme in both FP7 and Horizon 2020. FETFX also aims to stimulate discussion and collaboration between stakeholders through community building and outreach actions.


FETFX hopes to strengthen European leadership in research on visionary, new and emerging technologies with strong engagement of scientists, citizens, innovators and policy makers. It also intends to enhance the long-term innovation potential in Europe. There is currently an abundance of novel ideas and a multitude of actors willing to implement them, but there is a need to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary research and to assume responsible research and development practices (education, gender, long-term social, ethical and legal implications).


Leire Martiarena

“The objective of the FETFX project is to promote FET research among a broad spectrum of actors through community building and stakeholder engagement activities.”

Leire Martiarena

Social Innovation Knowledge Area Leader

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