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Studies and Diagnoses

We collaborate with public administrations to promote innovation and assist companies in integrating innovation into their overall strategy through planning, the analysis and evaluation of projects, programmes, plans, strategies, R&I policies, innovation, technology, industry and entrepreneurship.

How do we carry out studies and diagnoses for public administrations?

Through extensive planning, we design regional technology plans or RIS3: we draw up the plan, evaluate the results or impacts, as well as the strategy design process. We monitor indicators of the regional Technology Plan or RIS3, natural resources (mining) or other sectoral technology plans (agri-food, automotive, etc.). We are also a key partner in digitisation, both in the preparation of digitisation diagnoses in Navarra (Spain) and in the preparation of a more complex document, such as the region’s Digital 2030 strategy.


ZABALA Innovation also participates in analysing practices, strategies, policies, programmes and calls for proposals for public entities; both in the field of Innovation (preparing studies on tools in other countries/regions or Benchmarking other regional calls for proposals: in sectors, themes, new instruments); and at a European level (DG Growth (2010-2016) RIM (REGIONAL INNOVATION MONITORING); DG Regio (2012-2013) RIS3; DG R&D (2015-2017); DG REGIO (2015 – 2018)).


We also help administrations evaluate projects within the framework of actions promoted by public entities.

If anything sets ZABALA Innovation Consulting apart, it is our management of networks and projects. We manage networks, initiatives, projects and public programmes (including CPI); knowledge exchange platforms and networks; open calls and public programmes; development plans (innovation, proactive promotion of innovative proposals and management of emerging projects in specific sectors or regions); cascade funding calls and the acceleration of start-ups.

Once the R&I Plan has been developed, at ZABALA Innovation, we collaborate with the development and promotion of R&I, through the participation of client entities in international funding programmes and the dissemination and communication of projects and programmes. We help draft development and funding plans for regions and specific areas, we bring R&I closer to the market through the commercial exploitation of the results and we manage permanent forums promoting European values in specific regions.


Years of experience


European studies


  • 1. R&D and innovation

    The design, implementation and evaluation of R&D and innovation policies, at regional, national and European levels to prepare studies and diagnoses.

  • 2. Management

    The management and animation of innovation support platforms in all sectoral and technological fields.

  • 3. Business plans

    Providing business plans, advice and support to our clients in industrial property, implementation of new companies and valorisation of results.

“We provide administrations with an overview of companies' needs in order to make public support for innovation effective. Thanks to our own methodological tools, the results are often replicable in other countries and regions.”

Francisco de Arístegui

Director of Studies


  • What is RIS3?

    National and regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3 strategies), consist of integrated agendas for territorial economic transformation that

    • support policy and investments in the country’s or region’s key priorities, challenges and needs;
    • know and use the strengths of each country or region;
    • rely on technological innovation;
    • are collaborative and encourage innovation and experimentation;
    • require a system of evaluation and analysis.

    Zabala Innovation’s role is to prepare the necessary studies and diagnoses to assess the implementation of these agendas.

  • Why should Public Administration be involved in the development of Innovation?

    An agile and efficient public administration is key to creating a society with a higher quality of life. But to achieve this goal, creativity and innovation are indispensable.

    Public Administrations must become prescribers, with respect to innovation, developing its own innovation strategy, applying improvements in public services, and relying on other entities to define improvement actions that involve all layers of society.

    In order to monitor these actions, it is necessary to carry out a follow-up to make a final studies and diagnoses of the success of the different initiatives.


Europeam Commision

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the research and innovation framework programme running from 2021-2027.

Europeam Commision

Fondos FEDER

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) aims to strengthen socio-economic cohesion within the European Union by correcting imbalances between its regions.

It's not about the sector, it's the about project

The important thing is not to keep moving, but rather to know in which direction to go. Our 37% success rate proves that we know how to guide our clients.

Our projects

We lead leading European projects and studies in different sectors, such as smart cities, energy and environment, ICT, biotechnology and open innovation. Our goal is to innovate and to create new paths within the European innovation ecosystem.