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The main objective of BELENUS is to increase the durability of boiler tube joints by 20%, increase the efficiency and lifetime of Biomass Plants by 40-42% and 25% respectively, and reduce fuel costs by 10-15%.


The main objective of BELENUS is to reduce bioenergy CAPEX and OPEX by an average of 1.03% and 40% respectively.


The BELENUS solution proposes to avoid or mitigate corrosion, which is the main limiting factor of the technology, through a holistic approach to avoid corrosion in the boiler, in particular in the superheater (SH) tubes.


BELENUS will reduce the CAPEX of CHP Biomass plants, the OPEX of CHP Biomass plants and the fuel consumption. It will also increase the production hours of CHP Biomass plants, along with the biomass to energy conversion efficiency and the presence of bioenergy in the energy pool. It also aims to reduce the average CO2 emissions and increase the valorisation of biomass waste and the acceptance of the technology by social groups. In this way, it will increase the employment rate and contact with companies in other sectors.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 815147.

Daniel Magni

“BELENUS will reduce the price of biomass power generation (CAPEX and OPEX) through 3 highly disruptive technological improvements applied to the main components of a plant: innovative corrosion resistant materials and insulation, new welding and pipe bending strategies and an online monitoring system for corrosion.”

Daniel Magni

European Projects Operations Coordinator

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