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The DAPSI project will hold its final event on February 2


DAPSI is the Data Portability and Services Incubator that empowers leading Internet Innovators to develop people-centric technology solutions that address the challenge of personal data portability on the Internet, as foreseen in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The project is included in the Next Generation Internet (NGI), which is a European Union initiative that aims to shape the development of the Internet into people’s Internet by responding to their main needs, including trust, security, and inclusion.

DAPSI final event

The event will take place on 2 February from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. online. The session will address solutions to the challenges of data portability, sovereignty, transparency, compatibility and interoperability.

The event will be opened by Jean-Luc Dorel, head of the European Commission’s NGI programme, with Karolina Mojzesowicz, Deputy Head of the European Commission’s Data Protection Unit, as keynote speaker.

This will be followed by a presentation of the 14 winning projects moderated by Miguel Gonçalves, EU project manager, F6S:

  • CoCEM : Cloud computing enables seamless data access across multiple devices, collaborative work and centralized data storage.
  • CryptPad : CryptPad is built to enable collaboration while keeping data private
  • DASI Breaker : DASI Breaker is a semantic open interoperability solution to break down data silos and enable the development of data portability applications and services with native support for RDF and SPARQL
  • EPPD : The EPPD project will research relevant criteria for comparing e-mail providers for use with Delta Chat apps.
  • iDISS : this project is to enhance data portability of standards for any structured data (XML) by providing tooling and methodology to the standardization groups
  • Maemo Leste : Maemo Leste aims to provide a free and open source “Maemo” experience on mobile phones and tablets.
  • MyEnergy.ai : Personal energy data service portability and innovation platform
  • Orvium : Orvium is an open access and multidisciplinary publishing platform for scientific and academic publications.
  • PDS migrator : PDS migrator aims to make it very easy to move your data between providers
  • PostmarketOS : PostmarketOS replaces the operating system on many Android and Linux-powered smartphones and tablets, giving them new life long after manufacturers have stopped supporting them
  • Rulebook : The rulebook is an open-source API that will interact with those open legal objects to build the contract between the person, the intermediary, the exporting organization and the importing organization for each data transfer and data portability request
  • SCoP : Create an open, secure and resource efficient infrastructure to engineer a modern basis for open messaging (for existing and emerging protocols) using type-safe languages and unikernels
  • TDIP : The scope of the project is to fulfil the end-user (driver) needs with a special focus on data control, privacy and data transfer between different telematics systems.
  • XPORTA : Improving access and portability of XMPP accounts between providers

The event will conclude with a panel discussion on the success stories of the first batch of DAPSI projects with a panel of experts and former winners of the programme:

Check here for all the detailed and updated information about the event.

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