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Chapter #6. Industry and Digital Area


Juan Cristóbal García is the leader of the Industry and Digital area of Zabala Innovation, and, with his team, works to ensure that various technologies, including industrial technologies, energy-intensive industries, new materials, or advanced manufacturing, among others, benefit sectors such as energy, health, mobility, or space.

He works daily thinking that development must consider everything from ethical factors to environmental factors. It even thinks about the European way of doing things and European values, highlighting this way of working together with the necessary relationship between factors, to focus its efforts.

Juan Cristóbal García, Industry and Digital Area Leader

This area encompasses everything from ceramic manufacturing technology to quantum computing. So, it is important to know that the rapid technological change we are currently experiencing is because technologies benefit from each other, learning from each other’s developments, so it is essential to take advantage of the connection between technologies.

Don’t miss our next chapter! You will be able to meet Néstor Etxaleku, leader of the Food and Bioeconomy area of Zabala Innovation.

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