Support for SMEs on mineral supply chain due diligence


Support in the supply of materials


The objective of this project was to elaborate a study on the type of support needed by SMEs in the EU to build their capacity to conduct supply chain due diligence in accordance with the OECD DDG.

The study found that keeping up with and meeting responsible sourcing requirements is often seen as overwhelming and costly, and that SMEs want practical help understanding what is expected of them and how to comply with due diligence expectations in a way that is efficient and profitable for them.

As part of this study, the companies involved developed content for a SME Due Diligence Support System with regards to minerals and metals, with a focus on 3TG, and a proposed communications strategy in accordance with the needs and preferences expressed by SMEs during research and stakeholder consultations.

Zabala provided support in the development of a ready-to-use toolkit to strengthen the capacity of SMEs across the EU to perform due diligence in their mineral supply chains. The method of delivery for the tools was an online “Due Diligence Support System,” a platform designed by Levin Sources and Zabala.

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