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Mtorres, the engineering of the future

Industry, Aerospace

MTorres, leading innovative technology

MTorres is an industrial group, specialised in advanced technologies for the development of innovative solutions in the automation of highly complex industrial processes. Its products are present in more than 70 countries with over 650 customers. Its lines of action are mainly focused on the aeronautical, wind energy and paper converting sectors.

MTorres’ objective is to offer its customers new solutions that improve their productivity or efficiency. For this purpose, the capacity of specialised in-house engineering and knowledge of clients’ processes are the basic components of its structure. The high quality and uniqueness of the developments and products to solve its clients’ specific and concrete problems are the hallmarks of its identity on the market. 80% of its clients have acquired its solutions on a continuous basis over time, and international firms systematically consult MTorres to solve specific problems.

Annual investment in R&I

MTorres dedicates many resources to R&I on an exclusive and permanent basis, along with support or part-time personnel and numerous external collaborators. The total expenditure dedicated to R&I amounts to 10% of its turnover. The MTorres Group has a clear vocation for growth and expansion, demonstrated through the fact that all its economic results have been reinvested in MTorres throughout its history. Zabala Innovation accompanies MTorres, optimising its management and financing processes toward the success of each project.

Manuel Torres Martínez, founder of the MTorres Group, has received the Gold Medal of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Navarra (CEN) from the hands of Felipe VI. With the simplicity and geniality that characterises him, in this video, he describes Mtorres’ collaboration with Zabala Innovation.

Manuel Torres

“The added value of mature knowledge, taken to another sector has a multiplier effect.”

Manuel Torres

Founder and president of MTorres

Team involved

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We lead leading European projects and studies in different sectors, such as smart cities, energy and environment, ICT, biotechnology and open innovation. Our goal is to innovate and to create new paths within the European innovation ecosystem.

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The important thing is not to keep moving, but rather to know in which direction to go. Our 37% success rate proves that we know how to guide our clients.

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Our compass is our clients; our mission is to solve their problems, guiding them so that innovation becomes their key to competitiveness.

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