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Hidro Rubber

Industry, Aerospace

Hidro Rubber is a company from Lesaka (Navarra) with 33 years of experience, dedicated to the manufacture of rubber parts, particularly for fuel tanks. In 2009, it decided that its commitment to R&I needed a definitive boost; for this challenge, Hidro Rubber has relied on ZABALA Innovation Consulting, becoming an exemplary client in collaboration. This collaboration addressed key investment projects and competitiveness, through excellent innovation projects which are the best guarantee of success, and has thus acquired tax incentives and financial aid, at regional, national and European levels.


The process

Hidro Rubber ended 2019 with a turnover of 16 million euros, as a result of the 200 million parts manufactured for the fuel tanks of Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW or Toyota, among many other brands. Around 2% of its turnover is dedicated to R&I: “For me, innovation is part of the strategy. The day-to-day work generates resources to advance, and in the medium term we work on continuous improvement, but innovation is what guarantees us success in the future, and that is why it is so important.” Recognised on multiple occasions for integrating a people-based management model, as well as for its innovative approach, this company’s competitive advantage lies in its high technical components and its customer orientation: “It’s not about selling parts, it’s about satisfying customer needs. We solve problems and add value,” explains Jon Angulo, CEO of Hidro Rubber, which employs around 80 people and exports 86% of its production, mainly to China, Germany and the USA.

Hidro Rubber
Jon Angulo

“Innovation guarantees our future success.”

Jon Angulo


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