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Horizon Europe Calls Calendar now available

calendario convocatorias horizonte europa

In Kaila, our smart platform to boost innovation ecosystems, we have developed a definitive Horizon Europe calendar, the only one that includes all the dates of the calls of the new Framework Programme.

You can download it now! Fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Horizon Europe is the new Framework Programme launched by the European Commission in 2021. It will run for seven years and aims to achieve a sustainable, fair and prosperous future for people and the planet based on shared European values such as: combating climate change, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and boosting EU competitiveness and growth.

What will you find in the calendar?

The Programme is made up of 3 funding pillars:

  • Excellent science (Pillar 1), with a total of €25.8 billion.
  • Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness (Pillar 2), the block with the largest budget, reaching €52.7 billion.
  • Innovative Europe (Pillar 3), with a budget amounting to €13.5 billion.

Throughout the document, you will  find  more than 1,000 topics included in these pillars as well as the opening and closing dates of their calls for proposals until 2023.

Innovate, grow and collaborate openly

The Kaila platform has a huge and updated database with lots of useful information on calls, projects and results of the most important European programmes of the Commission, such as LIFE, Interreg and Horizon Europe.

This working document will be very useful for you to plan ahead for the most suitable   opportunity for your innovative project. Moreover, if you take advantage of the free registration to Kaila, you will have extra functionalities  to help you in the search of the best  funding opportunities for your projects, such as analysing innovation trends, keeping track of  your competitors or finding partners and collaborators for your R&D projects in an easy way.

Download your calendar, register to Kaila and position yourself now in Horizon Europe.

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