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Supporting the EU’s goals for 2030, XFLEX HYDRO will demonstrate how modern hydropower plants can provide the vital services required by any country investing in variable renewables such as wind and solar power. It aims to help the EU reach the target of 32% of energy generated from renewable sources by 2030.


XFLEX HYDRO will demonstrate new hydropower technologies, such as smart controls, improved variable and fixed-speed turbine systems, as well as a hybrid battery-turbine, in power plants in Europe. The project will conclude by delivering a roadmap to increase the adoption of the technologies across the hydropower fleet, with policy and market recommendations for governments, regulators and industry.


The XFLEX HYDRO project will test innovative solutions, based on renewable energy sources that will provide greater flexibility and sustainability to the power system. The project aims to increase the potential of hydropower in terms of plant efficiency, thus boosting electric power systems and enabling plant and system operators to operate more successfully in electricity markets. This can make an impactful contribution to European renewable energy goals and policies.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 857832.

Juan Sanciñena

“Hydropower will help compensate for the variability that other renewables introduce into the power grid. XFLEX will demonstrate this through different solutions in 7 hydropower plants in Europe.”

Juan Sanciñena

Senior Consultant

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