Dialogue Spaces in Colombia
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Dialogue Spaces in Colombia

Social challenges


oil companies: Repsol and Ecopetrol


regions: North, West, East, Orinoco, Amazonia


public authorities


assistance agencies: Zabala and AECID

ZABALA collaborates with REPSOL, building spaces for dialogue for private companies in the oil sector, public authorities and indigenous communities in Colombia.


Transform traditional business relationships, which leave vulnerable populations, such as indigenous peoples, without the possibility of economic development and well-being, into inclusive and sustainable initiatives.


Build spaces for open dialogue between Indigenous Peoples, public authorities and the private sector under the umbrella of Human Rights Due Diligence and Free, Prior and Informed Consent.


Establish the basis for a new way of investing in third countries, sharing wealth with local communities, empowering the most vulnerable and developing inclusive business activities.

“Create a space for open dialogue between indigenous peoples, public authorities and the private sector for the development of more inclusive business activities. ”

Dialogue Spaces in Colombia


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