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The SMARTSPEND project is key to increasing the efficiency of European funding for clean energy. It aims for more and better-designed public support for research and innovation in energy technology.


Industry funding constitutes 80% of all expenditure but is not directly observable. The part of industry funding that can be addressed by research policy is the part that is spent on projects co-financed by public money. The challenge of increasing private spending is therefore the challenge of increasing the efficiency, relevance, and amount of public funding.


SMARTSPEND will report on synergies in R&I plans for different technologies and ways in which sectors should organise themselves to access EU funding efficiently. It will also organise a major conference to help innovators access public or private funding in creating clean energy-based programmes.


SMARTSPEND will offer greater efficiency in the use of public and private money for research. This will be achieved by learning from stakeholders who share ideas and knowledge and closing the gaps between them through Implementation Working Groups. It will also help increase the impact of work already financed by the Commission and other organisations interested in financing energy innovation.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 826044.

Marie Latour

“The SMARTSPEND project is key to greater and better designed public support for energy technology research and innovation. ”

Marie Latour

Director of Brussels office

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