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reduction of water consumption in the thermodynamic cycle

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sCO2-FLEX will contribute to Europe’s climate change and energy transition goals by making fossil fuel energy production capable of supporting a smart and flexible energy market.


The aim is to adapt fossil fuel power plants to meet the requirements set in place for the future energy system. Conventional plants could encourage the integration of renewable energy sources (such as wind and solar) by compensating for their intermittent nature, providing fluctuating backup power and helping to stabilise the grid. However, these plants are not currently able to experience large fluctuations in power output, as required in future renewable scenarios, with increasing percentages.


The sCO2-Flex consortium undertakes this challenge by developing and validating a scalable design of a 25MWe Brayton cycle using supercritical CO2 that will allow an increase in the flexibility of operations (fast load changes, fast start-ups and shutdowns) and in the efficiency of existing and future coal and lignite-fired power plants, reducing their environmental impact and thus meeting EU requirements.


The sCO2-based technology has the capacity to meet EU goals for highly efficient and flexible conventional power plants, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste disposal and, above all, water consumption. The project aims to build on its sCO2 expertise for electricity generation. EDF, leader of the project is also interested in investigating its possible application to renewable energies such as CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and biomass.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 764690.

Gustavo Jacomelli

“sCO2-based technology has the potential to meet European Union goals for highly flexible and efficient conventional power plants, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste and, above all, the need for water.”

Gustavo Jacomelli

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