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In line with the EU Action Plan to support the protection of public spaces, the legal and policy protection frameworks for information and data security, the Action Plan to strengthen CBRN security, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Programme and the Civil Protection Mechanism tools, S4ALLCities aims to integrate advanced technological and organisational solutions into a unified security management framework that promotes the protection and resilience of EU smart cities against cyber and physical attacks.


In S4ALLCities we will not only bring in securely shielded access to highly augmented digital intelligence on the Smart City spaces and systems in context with the City operations and actors involved; but also the remote automated detection of human behaviour, measurements and identification of contents in suspicious in situ objects and vehicles within the smart space; cyberactivity and the diagnosis of the potential encountered threats; the actuation of steps totake for the management of critical situations and; the confirmation of threat elimination.


In this project we will explore the fast-evolving field of adversarial attacks. We can consider adversarial attacks as arms-race now evolving as we can see conceptually in Figure 27. We will go beyond by creating a software module to identify and protect the neural networks of S4ALLCities from adversarial attacks.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 883522.

Julen Ugalde

“S4AllCities will contribute to enhancing cyber and physical security in smart cities in the EU with innovative ICT tools”

Julen Ugalde

Head of European Projects at the Bilbao office

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