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Action Plans for the energy transition

NESOI aims to unlock the potential of EU islands to integrate the European Energy Transition. Green energy investments will be made available to 2,400 inhabited EU islands, giving the opportunity to test innovative energy technologies and approaches in a competitive way.


Funds are available to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Many islands are immersed in the energy transition; however, most of them do not have the expertise to launch concrete investments, access funding and implement the projects.


NESOI aims to implement energy transition plans in the selected islands, through a practical and low-cost approach. NESOI supports projects at different stages of development, from those in their initial phase and requiring high-level technical and economic assistance, to more advanced ones requesting specific contributions in various fields (technical, legal, financial), and highlights the opportunity for islands to focus on solid projects with the potential to attract investors.


The NESOI platform will lead to the elaboration of at least 20 energy transition action plans in EU islands and initiate 40 specific implementation projects. In addition, the effectiveness of the dissemination activities, communication, as well as the methodology and tools used will allow at least 50 islands to scale up the impact through the development and implementation of 40 additional energy transition plans and uptake over 300 potential low-carbon energy projects by 2030.

This project has been financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 864266.

Gustavo Jacomelli

“NESOI will enable Europe's energy transition ambitions by providing islands with training, technical support, cooperation opportunities and solid financing opportunities for the concrete implementation of renewable energy sources (RES) energy plants, buildings and infrastructure, reduction of energy bills and local job creation.”

Gustavo Jacomelli

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