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Despite efforts to promote educational inclusion and school success, underachievement, disengagement, and school dropout continue to persist in many European countries, particularly among multi-disadvantaged learners. This poses a serious challenge to breaking the chain of transgenerational transmission of social exclusion and inequality. Current approaches tend to focus on individual factors, such as student skills and abilities, and often neglect the importance of secure attachment relationships and relational practices within educational institutions.


LET’S CARE takes a comprehensive approach to promoting a safe and caring educational environment. This involves identifying factors that impact student security at the individual, relational, community, and political levels. The project will develop a framework for Safe Learning, Safe Teaching, Safe Schools, and Safe Education, which will serve as a guide for creating inclusive practices from early childhood education to secondary and Second Chance schools. LET’S CARE aims to translate its research findings into practical tools, recommendations, and guidelines that will enable educators to promote a safe and inclusive learning environment, from early childhood education to secondary and Second Chance schools.


LET’S CARE promotes safe and caring schools to combat transgenerational educational and social exclusion. It aims to lower school failure, improve learning outcomes, and prevent early school leaving. Through its theoretical and practical framework, LET’S CARE provides tools, recommendations, and guidelines for promoting inclusivity. Research findings will inform evidence-based policy recommendations and raise awareness of safe and caring schools for disadvantaged learners.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101059425.


“LET’S CARE main goal is to create a safe environment for children aiming to ameliorate the theoretical and practical framework to foster safe learning, safe teaching, safe schools and safe education.”

Rocío Fernández


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