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The IRSUS (Innovation Radar Support Services) project will support European innovators and companies (research teams, SMEs, spin-offs and start-ups) reach the market by providing free business services to the most promising innovations coming from R&I projects of the different European Framework Programmes. For this purpose, the European Commission’s tool called the “Innovation Radar” will be used.


IRSUS aims at offering services and support to entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives to break the barriers to reach the market detected by the European Commission through various studies: lack of funding, over-regulation, aspects related to intellectual property or lack of specialised talent.


Through the “Innovation Radar” tool developed in recent years by the European Commission, we will identify those innovators and innovations with the greatest market potential in Europe. The project is aligned with European policies aimed at boosting innovation, as well as the Digital Single Market. Through its activities, IRSUS will contribute to connect research, market and industry.


IRSUS will enable the most promising research and innovation initiatives reach the market, offer customised business services (acceleration, mentoring, intellectual property, training) with the support of specialists in the field (coaches, corporate investment funds, access to private investors…), foster networking between innovators and public and private initiatives and impact actions in the European R&I ecosystem.


This project has been financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 779990.

Natalia García-Barberena

“IRSUS will offer customised support to innovators to turn their research results into marketable products and bring European research closer to market success.”

Natalia García-Barberena

Senior Consultant and cybersecurity expert

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