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The European network for investment in eco-innovation, INNEON, is funded by the European Commission under its Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). INNEON aims to build stable networks of EU funding sources for eco-innovative companies, allowing the European market to evolve towards products and services committed to the environment and sustainability. Zabala Innovation coordinates this project.


The turnover of eco-innovation in Europe is estimated at 227,000 million euros, equivalent to 2.2% of the EU’s GDP. It also directly employs 3.4 million people. To stimulate the development and potential of the sector, access to networks, investment and financing is essential. To this end, INNEON offers the most relevant entrepreneurs and investors from all over Europe a meeting point, interaction, training and advice, insisting on the added value of eco-innovation: a powerful instrument that combines a reduced negative impact on the environment with a positive impact on the economy and society.


The eco-innovation sector is considered a priority by the European Union as demonstrated by the implementation of the Eco-innovation Action Plan. This field of action is aligned with Europe’s 2020 Strategy, which is committed to “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth,” and the Innovation Union, which aims to “turn innovative ideas into products and services that generate growth and employment.”


INNEON will develop the eco-innovation market in the EU to make it more competitive and create a stable network of investors interested in the SMEs’ and entrepreneurs’ projects in this sector throughout Europe.


This project has received funding from the European Union.


“INNEON, the meeting point between investors and eco-innovative entrepreneurs from all over Europe.”

Aitor Garro

Head of Bilbao office

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