IIT - Industrial Innovation in Transition
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IIT – Industrial Innovation in Transition

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The Industrial Innovation in Transition (IIT) project aims to understand how innovation processes are changing in European industry, and to disseminate best practices in this area among companies and government agencies. ZABALA Innovation Consulting participates in this project as a partner.


The IIT project arises from the need to detect new innovation practices across Europe and the best experiences. The project will also evaluate existing innovation policies at national and European level.


The Innovation Union is one of the flagship initiatives of Europe’s 2020 strategy. It aims to improve conditions and access to funding for research and innovation, ensuring that innovative ideas can be transformed into products and services that create growth and jobs.


The EU encourages its member states to invest 3% of their GDP in R&I by 2020 (1% public funding and 2% private sector investment). This measure is expected to create around 3.7 million jobs and increase the EU’s annual GDP by around 800 billion euros.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 649351.

José Alberto de la Parte

“To have in-depth knowledge of the advanced innovation practices that are carried out in Europe, it is essential to ask the most innovative companies to identify what they require from administrations to intensify the implementation of increasingly advanced tools.”

José Alberto de la Parte

Director of Strategic Projects / Executive Committee

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