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EUniversal wants to implement the universal interface concept to enable an all-encompassing market by presenting an open, adaptable and modular approach to interlink active system management with electricity markets and encourage the provision of flexibility services, recognising activation needs and coordination requirements with other actors such as TSOs, aggregators, etc.


The creation of a flexible, robust and smart electricity grid that is citizen-centric and connected to the networks is a key factor in the energy transition. These issues cannot be solved by current means alone and will require innovative tools based on smart grid technologies and by adopting algorithms to increase observability, which will allow for improved automation and control of the grids. The facilitation of an active neutral market will have to encompass operations that ensure conditions for the acceptance of flexibility offers and new business models, and for high consumer participation.


Enable grid transformation by overcoming existing limitations on the use of flexibility by DSOs through the implementation of a Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI). Grids will be able to accommodate future scenarios by fostering innovative market mechanisms and bringing added value to society. The feasibility and universality of the concept will be demonstrated in several different environments to assess the impact of flexibility technologies on the operation of the distribution system, to validate the market ecosystem needed to enable a proper interaction between all energy players.


Results include the replicability of growing RES and DESRs and energy storage solutions, as well as partner-economic impacts by empowering energy consumers, and environmental impacts by reducing free-house gas emissions. However, these are not the only ones, since EUniversal expects to create a market transformation by improving infrastructures and the coordination between TSOs and DSOs.


This project has been financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 864334.

Carla Sala

“EUniversal, through the UMEI interface, will generate a new paradigm in distribution networks.”

Carla Sala

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