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The EU SysFlex project aims to ensure that an efficient and effective model is provided for a utility system capable of integrating renewable energies on a large scale into the European grid and thus bringing new solutions to the market. This project originates from the need to implement a more flexible system in an environment that is experiencing a steady increase in the share of renewable energy.


The objective of the EU-SysFlex project is to identify problems and solutions associated with large-scale renewable energy integration; to provide practical assistance to power system operators across Europe; and to identify a long-term roadmap to facilitate large-scale renewable energy integration in Europe.


The EU-SysFlex project is structured in eleven work packages, including six demonstrators at national level. The project activities cover different aspects of the innovation process, aiming to bring new solutions to the market: from the development of new approaches for large-scale renewable energy integration, market design, pilot testing, regulatory requirements analysis, viable business development, modelling and policy recommendations.


With regard to the results, to arrive at them we must take into account certain aspects. Firstly, the technical needs of the pan-European system. Secondly, it is necessary to increase the design and regulation of the electricity market to obtain the right mix of these system services, efficiently and effectively. Third, implicit and explicit barriers to the competitive forces at work need to be removed. For this, a thorough understanding of the roles of all stakeholders at all levels (interconnected system, national transmission and distribution subsystems, and consumers) is necessary.

This project has been financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 773505.


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