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The EU-GUGLE project consists of the energy rehabilitation of housing in different European districts to achieve near-zero energy consumption. Six pilot refurbishment projects have been launched in the cities of Vienna (Austria), Tampere (Finland), Aachen (Denmark), Milan (Italy) and Sestao (Spain). This is the largest energy rehabilitation and urban regeneration project in Europe: it will cover 226,000 square meters of surface area. Zabala Innovation participates as a partner of EU-GUGLE.


Cities are responsible for 80% of Europe’s energy consumption, and their buildings account for 40% of total consumption. While building renovation is crucial for the sustainability of European cities, it is a complicated process involving various technical, financial and social constraints, which requires an integrated strategy. The project aims to demonstrate that with the right urban planning policies, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of life at a reduced cost.


The idea of the project is to apply different technologies and strategies to reduce energy consumption in the buildings rehabilitated in each pilot project, depending on their partner-economic and climatic reality, sharing analysis methodologies, technical solutions, activities with the users, etc. In short, the aim is to find out through demonstrations, which is the most efficient and therefore the best way in terms of cost and effectiveness ratio, to transform current cities into healthier, low-carbon cities.


EU-GUGLE takes an integrated approach to renovation that not only includes the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, but also emphasises cost-effectiveness and collaboration between all stakeholders. More than a technology showcase, the project will integrate the results into a series of “Smart Renovation Strategies” that can be easily applicable to other European municipalities.


This project has been co-financed by the European Union.

Beatriz Carro

“The energy rehabilitation of buildings plays a key role in achieving the consumption and emissions reduction targets set by the EU.”

Beatriz Carro

Senior Consultant

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