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The EFFECT project, funded by the HORIZON 2020 FET-Open programme, aims to communicate the results of research on future emerging technologies to make them more accessible to European society. To do so, EFFECT will analyse the results of the projects supported by the call. Success stories with clear impacts will help to improve public understanding and attract the interest of investors to finance the development of products and services linked to related sectors. EFFECT will also encourage participation and debate among various social actors.


EFFECT’s key mission is for FET research and innovation to initiate new technological lines and unexplored collaborations between advanced multidisciplinary science and cutting-edge engineering in different fields: from biotechnologies and eco-innovative technologies to quantum technologies, robotics and new materials. The “visionary” element that is present in all FET projects will be a strategic element in driving the project forward, particularly in conveying key messages related to FET projects’ achievements.


The EFFECT project is made up of a consortium of organisations with a wide range of expertise in public science communication, research and innovation. Its model approach focuses on content, in a combination of communication formats and distribution channels that address multiple objectives. Through the Internet, social media and TV channels, EFFECT is designed to deliver easy-to-understand content on Future and Emerging Technologies and to engage the general public across Europe and beyond.


Together, the three project partners have set out to carry out the selection of the best results and will turn them into success stories for the public and social stakeholders. Through their actions, a FET community will be formed in which citizens, policy makers and investors will be able to learn, participate and gain inspiration.

This project has been financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 737301.

Leire Martiarena

“EFFECT drives communication towards society to convert public funding of FET research into real benefits and impacts for citizens and key stakeholders.”

Leire Martiarena

Social Innovation Knowledge Area Leader

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