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Data Market Services’ main objective is to transform the European entrepreneurship ecosystem to overcome the barriers on the way for SMEs and data start-ups to achieve market success.


The project aims to support the development of secure platforms for the exchange of personal and business data. This lack of privacy hinders the creation of a data marketplace, because the exchange is limited to open data only. In addition, there are barriers (such as SME inclusion, market competitiveness, etc.) in the way of specialised companies to reach market success.


Data Market Services will explore and engage with SMEs and start-ups that are in the data market. To support the participants, it will offer twelve free services in 5 categories (investment, acceleration, legal training, standardisation and data skills), and will build a portfolio from over 2,000 candidates with the top 150 European companies with the most potential. This selection will take place in 3 different calls from 2019 to 2021.


Data Market Services will build a portfolio with 150 companies with the highest potential, and 50 success stories. Through the acceleration services, rounds of access to private capital of up to €5,000,000 will be promoted; additional public funds of up to €1,000,000, through SME Instrument calls and other European consortia. Organisations will be able to increase their sales capacity by 20% thanks to the acquired capabilities, and at least 200 new jobs requiring data skills and knowledge will be created.

This project has been financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 825014.

María Anguiano

“Data Market Services offers the expertise of leading European organisations to help Europe's best data-driven startups and SMEs succeed in the marketplace, leveraging success stories. ”

María Anguiano

Senior R&D&I Consultant

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