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Our social responsibility leaves its mark

responsabilidad social

The origins of this family company have always been supportive, supporting various causes in its Social Action programme under the heading of ‘Internal call for support for solidarity and sustainable projects’. Since 2015, the management has wanted all Zabala Innovation professionals to feel part of this annual call for applications, which is sometimes local, sometimes national and sometimes projected internationally. As in previous editions, in July 2021 all staff were asked to submit applications for projects that moved them in a special way or from organisations with outstanding work.

Support for vulnerable young people, environmental awareness, international cooperation or the integration of immigrants were some of the lines of action of the chosen associations. And because the work they carry out is so important, Zabala Innovation has decided to support the 19 candidates with 14,600 euros.

They are, in fact, the visible faces of corporate social responsibility. Below we detail what the beneficiary organisations do and how our company has contributed to their cause:

ANELA (Navarre Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association)

With our contribution, ANELA will be able to acquire furniture and material for a rehabilitation treatment for ALS. This type of sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system in which the muscles become paralysed and progressively atrophy.

Bayt al-Thaqafa Foundation

In this organisation they accompany migrants in their process towards full citizenship, but often the Public Administrations do not finance all the stages. With our contribution we can help them with legal support, psychological care, language learning…


The most vulnerable children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, are cared for by this non-profit NGO that aims to break their cycle of poverty. With our contribution we will help KIBERA PRIDE to alleviate the damages suffered with the Covid-19 by reinforcing the water supply and collaborating with school fees.


Air-conditioned cots for premature babies can be very difficult to obtain in some countries with problems of access to basic healthcare systems. With the ‘Battle for life’ project, this association, together with Salesianos Pamplona and the NGO Ayuda Contenedores, helps these little fighters to have better conditions in their first days of life.

Saving the Amazon

This Colombian NGO seeks to alleviate the effects of climate change in the Amazon. To do so, they plant native trees together with the local indigenous communities. With our contribution we will contribute to their project to plant and monitor 400 trees to restore deteriorated territories in the Colombian Amazon.

Multiple Sclerosis Association Navarra

To improve the daily lives of people with this neurodegenerative disease, our contribution will go to the ‘Dream Seekers’ programme. This beautiful initiative aims to give people with a high degree of isolation or dependence the hope of new dreams or life projects that give meaning to their lives.


The ‘Family Breathe Programme’ aims to help people who care for family members with intellectual disabilities or developmental disorders. In order to facilitate the conciliation, this programme organises three weekends a year in which the patient is attended by ANFAS staff, and in this way the caregivers can enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Casa Garelli

The Pinardi organisation promotes the development of young people and adults at risk of social exclusion, and through its ‘Casa Garelli’ programme they offer accommodation to young people who sleep on the streets. They share their space on a temporary basis in a process that aims to achieve their autonomy as citizens.

Navarre Association for the Support of Children and Families (ANAIF)

Zabala Innovation’s contribution will help ANAIF to organise a therapeutic camp for children and young people aged 8 to 16 with functional neurodiversity. In this activity, the participants will carry out educational and recreational activities in which they will be able to put into practice the work carried out with their therapists throughout the school year. In this way, by doing it in a real scenario, they will be closer to integration and social inclusion.

FEVAFA (Valencian Federation of Associations of Relatives of People with Alzheimer’s Disease)

This federation represents the relatives of many Alzheimer’s patients, a disease that is increasingly present in society. FEVAFA defends the rights of its members before public administrations and public and private institutions, and also seeks financial support for its members.


This organisation uses technology to help vulnerable groups around the world. It is dedicated to manufacturing and delivering free 3D printed arms, called trésdesis, to people with disabilities. In this way they contribute to reducing the inequalities they face in their daily lives, improving their quality of life.

Arquitectura sin Fronteras

Zabala Innovation’s contribution will be part of an associative process to rebuild a neighbourhood meeting place in Madrid. Architecture without borders will help rebuild La Casita, a community centre in Cañada Real Galiana. Through planimetry, the NGO will work with the Alshorok Neighbourhood Association to provide a meeting place for the inhabitants of the area.

Alto Trujillo Women’s Ombudsman’s Office

Eradicating male violence is one of the objectives to which this Peruvian organisation has been dedicated since 2010. It is responsible for promoting the empowerment of women through social, psychological and legal services free of charge. In addition, the Defensoría strives to involve the whole community in order to generate community networks in the defence of women’s rights.

ASPACE Navarra Residential Foundation

With our contribution we will help ASPACE Navarra Residencial so that people with cerebral palsy can enjoy more leisure time. Our contribution will be used to defray the costs of a barbecue for the outdoor area of the Ramón y Cajal Residence in Cizur.

Sortarazi Association

Through the HAZIA programme, the Sortarazi Association seeks to promote housing for young people and families without access to any public resources and at risk of social exclusion. With HAZIA, they carry out the first reception and diagnosis of the young people and their families, follow them up, coordinate with the basic social services, process aid and distribute food.

Search and Rescue Association of Galicia

Our contribution will help this organisation to carry out different workshops on Galician beaches on first aid or knowledge of the marine environment, actions to clean up sandbanks and environmental awareness. All of this is aimed at groups at risk of vulnerability.

Navarre Association for Mental Health (ANASAPS)

Zabala Innovation’s collaboration will go to the AUKERA programme, a supported housing service for people with serious mental disorders. ANASAPS strives to give more autonomy to these people, who due to their personal situation have very few possibilities of accessing housing. This programme offers a system of basic care, with the support of educators who accompany people to stabilise their mental illness and improve their quality of life.

Enach Association

Considered ultra-rare, Enach is a group of eleven neurodegenerative diseases caused by the accumulation of iron in the brain. For this reason, Enach Association focuses its efforts on making these diseases visible and promoting research to find a cure or chronification of the diseases.

Atena Foundation

Artistic development is fundamental to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities. The Atena Foundation is aware of this and that is why they want to develop the performing arts school Art and disability. With our contribution we will help this centre to offer artistic training to develop physical, mental and sensory abilities.

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