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WindEurope 2019: the most powerful synergies in the wind sector


8,000 participants, 300 exhibitors, 30 conference sessions and 155 speakers are the figures that frame WindEurope 2019; one of the most important events in the wind energy industry that took place in Bilbao on April 4th. ZABALA participated in the event supporting the dissemination of two of the projects in which it participates as a partner: ROMEO and CL-WINDCON.

ZABALA was able to interact with other energy clusters with which it has contact and improve synergies in the sector. It was also fortunate to collaborate with European associations in the wind energy sector.

Attendance to the event was a good opportunity for the most relevant stakeholders of the European wind industry to get to know ROMEO and CL-WINDCON, two initiatives supported by the EU through its H2020 programme that are developing solutions for wind energy. ROMEO’s objective is to create advanced technologies that allow to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of offshore wind farms. CL-WINDCON will address multiple fidelity dynamic modelling and advanced control algorithms by treating the entire wind farm as a complete real-time optimisation problem.


As representatives and coordinators of ROMEO and CL-WINDCON, were Iberdrola and CENER, respectively. Iberdrola made an explanatory presentation that was part of the conference “Digitalisation: creating value in O&M“. It was César Yanes, Head of Innovation at Iberdrola Renovables, who explained how the advances of the project will be used in digitalization, including advanced analysis, in the operation and maintenance of wind farms.

Yanes presented ROMEO and talked about its objectives to achieve greater reliability, fewer repairs and more safety. He explained how the project aims to increase the reliability of the wind farm and reduce the number of failures that could occur.

On the other hand, Mikel Iribas of CENER Energía gave an explanation about CL-WINDCON from the stand for all those interested in the project. Iribas pointed out the contribution made by CENER Energía within the project in terms of controlling the wind farms that are being developed.

The WindEurope event was an occasion to acquire knowledge and get to know the interested parties of the projects, and key members and associations of the industry in the European scope. As well as highlighting our role in the dissemination of energy projects in which the company participates.

WindEurope also attracted a large number of people, including 5 Government Ministers, senior officials and experts from the world of technology, politics and finance. They were all under the same roof in a world-class venue, chosen to place the attendee at the heart of the Spanish and European wind industry.



Since the launch of the ETP SmartGrids in 2006, ZABALA Innovation Consulting has been directly involved in the Energy Transition of the European Union. In a special way, supporting experts in this field to define the research priorities that allow the incorporation of renewable energies in the distribution networks. Therefore, in addition to supporting the dissemination of these two events, ZABALA’s participation was essential to highlight the work being done by the company with projects related to the energy sector, such as the ‘European Technology and Innovation Platform – Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP-SNET)’; and to continue promulgating the knowledge and experience that is being acquired in energy.

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