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Succeed at Horizon Europe with this toolkit

Succeed at Horizon Europe

Preparing a Pillar II cooperative project can be a costly and complex process for any entity. It involves building large consortia that must define excellent project ideas with impacts that are aligned with the priorities of each call and topic. For this reason, success rates do not exceed 16%.

This webinar organised by Zabala Innovation and Kaila, our innovation ecosystem, is aimed at professionals who face the challenge of preparing a competitive proposal. Therefore, it will present in a practical way how to simplify the process and increase the chances of success.

When and where?

Next Tuesday, 30 May at 10.00 a.m. on our GoToWebinar platform – Sign up here!


Aránzazu Albístur, Kaila platform Manager, will address the following topics in a practical way:

  • Overview of Horizon Europe.
  • Keys to develop a Horizon Europe project and tools to achieve a more efficient preparation.
  • Questions and answers.

In addition, to make the experience as personalised as possible, in the registration form you will find a field where you can write the keywords you consider most relevant to try to adjust the content. With this idea, we will try to:

  • Prioritise the topics in which your idea fits and in which you can contribute more value when your field is very extensive.
  • Find other previous topics where interesting partners were involved.
  • Locate previous projects from which to extract relevant information for your proposal.


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