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The origins of Kaila, a revolutionary platform

Kaila Javier Morentin

The paradigm shift in the way organisations innovate was one of the reasons why Kaila, Zabala Innovation‘s partner and innovation search platform, was born. Since its launch in October 2020, this digital ecosystem has implemented two modules, Analytics and Wise, which facilitate access to information on 170,000 innovators, 100,000 projects and nearly 14,000 funding opportunities in the European framework.

Kaila’s varied functionalities and its powerful graphical interface for data visualisation have become a catalyst for boosting innovation processes in all types of organisations.

But what are the origins of Kaila and how has it evolved in its short history? In this short video, Kaila’s CEO, Javier Morentin, answers these and other questions about a vision that has already become a reality.

Kaila, tailor-made solutions

One of Kaila’s greatest assets is understanding the specific needs of its users, which is why it offers them tailor-made solutions. In this way, it allows users to obtain funding for projects, analyse innovation trends, carry out competitive surveillance and identify potential partners and collaborators.

It has two modules that complement each other perfectly. The first to emerge was Kaila Analytics, a powerful search engine that combines data from more than 65 European Open Data sources and embeds the data in a single environment. This module presents highly accurate, aggregated results on how European actors are innovating, with whom, the funds they are receiving, the funding opportunities they are presented with and much more.

In addition, Kaila Wise, a recommendation engine that expands user knowledge and offers suggestions based on a sophisticated algorithm, was launched in November 2021. Kaila Wise helps users discover new funding opportunities, projects and innovators, based on their interests.

To summarise, these two modules boost the trajectory of a platform that has come to revolutionise the innovation landscape.

And what are Kaila’s next steps?

The Kaila Connect module will soon be launched, which will allow users to directly connect with other users and share interests.

In short, three modules that will underpin the trajectory of a platform that has come to revolutionise the innovation landscape.


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