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European Research Council

The European Research Council to launch first calls under Horizon Europe

The European Commission presented last Monday, 22nd of February 2021, the first work programme under Horizon Europe for the European Research Council.

For the period 2021-2027, the European Research Council (ERC) will receive over €16 billion, which is 22% more than Horizon 2020 received. Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Research, Innovation, Culture, Education and Youth promised during the Science|Business conference that despite the late start to Horizon Europe there will be no interruption in EU research funding.

€1.9 billion for the 1st call of proposals in 2021

Europe’s new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2021-2027 includes three main calls for proposals for a total amount of €1.9 billion. EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said: “The first call will support young researchers across Europe who are starting their own independent research team or programme. They are the future of European research.”

The 1st call

Starting Grants: The call will support top researchers to start their independent research team or programme.

The launch of the call: 25 February

Deadline: 8 April.

Budget: €619 million

The 2nd call

Consolidator Grants: The call is dedicated to researchers who consolidate their independent research team or programme.

The launch of the call: 11 March

Deadline: 20 April

Budget: €633 million

The 3rd call

Advanced Grants: The call is dedicated to leading advanced investigators.

The launch of the call: 20 May

Deadline: 31 August

Budget: €626 million

Tougher rules for non-EU countries

Taking into account the new geopolitical situation and ensuring the protection of European values, the Commission will develop stricter rules for research cooperation with non-EU countries. The Comissioner Gabriel identified four factors to ensure fair research cooperation:

  1. The EU should support cooperation in areas where it is needed and where European values are less threatened.
  2. Cooperation on research projects involving sensitive technologies should be limited.
  3. Commission plans to publish guidelines in 2021 for academics and researchers to be better equipped in dealing with foreign interference.
  4. There will be stricter rules to ensure that the innovative platforms that are the foundations of the EU economy and a large part of the democratic systems do not depend on decisions taken outside Europe.


About The European Research Council

The European Research Council (ERC) awards grants through open competitions to projects headed by starting and established researchers. As its sole selection criterion is scientific excellence, it strives to attract top researchers from anywhere in the world to come and stay in Europe and form the basis of new industries, markets, and social innovations of the future.



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