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Partnerships for Regional Innovation (PRI) at the centre of an EC pilot action

innovación regional UE

Contacts, cooperation, and shared experiences are some of the driving forces behind the new initiative of the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission’s JRC to promote ‘Partnerships for Regional Innovation.’ The two entities have published a call for interest to develop a pilot project with a maximum of 24 European participants from Member States, regions, or groups of regions.

The proposal, with a deadline for applications of 25 April 2022, aims to improve the coordination, cooperation and directionality of regional, national and European R&D policies to address the EU innovation gap and continue on the path of digital and green transitions.

Regional innovation in Europe

These regional innovation connections will provide a platform for public and private actors to invest in both innovation and start-ups. And through ‘Partnerships for Regional Innovation’ innovators and investors will be connected to form the backbone of a pan-European innovation ecosystem.

“The European Commission is promoting through various initiatives and calls the interconnection of European innovation ecosystems: the ‘Partnerships for Regional Innovation’, the European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE) programme within Horizon Europe, and other calls from other programmes such as the Single Market Programme (SMP), all to strengthen the links between different European territories. The EC aims to strengthen European links and transfer good practices and resources between the most developed ecosystems to the most emerging ecosystems. This response to the EU’s ‘Leave no one behind’ strategic line, to guarantee a transition and a prosperous and balanced future in the different European territories”, explains Javier Lahuerta, leader of the Regions Knowledge Area at Zabala Innovation.

Governance mechanisms

This pilot project builds on smart specialisation strategies and supports the implementation of the European Green Deal and the Horizon Europe and Next Generation EU programmes. In addition, it will focus on governance mechanisms that will mobilise different sources of funding to amplify the project’s impact and better connect local, regional and national initiatives.

“Innovation is one of the pillars to transform European societies and economies towards a more sustainable, smarter, and more inclusive paradigm. This pilot experience of ‘Partnerships for Regional Innovation’ will provide participating regions with tools and connections to foster and boost innovation in their territory. To apply for this expression of interest, interested regions will have to fill in a short report provided by the Committee of the Regions to analyse and rethink innovation strategies in European regions. And at Zabala Innovation we have several experts in the field who can help in the process,” concludes Javier Lahuerta.

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