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Kaila launches Wise, a new artificial intelligence-based recommendation engine


A recommendation engine that expands the user’s knowledge and offers suggestions based on a sophisticated algorithm. This is the essence of Wise, the new module launched today by Kaila, the platform for finding funding and partners for innovation. In this way, Kaila provides up-to-date and relevant information based on the characteristics of each of its users.

By using artificial intelligence, Kaila Wise not only provides access to more than 170,000 innovators, 100,000 projects and 13,300 funding opportunities, but also provides relevant data that will make the work of analysis easier, based on their searches. Wise is the second module of Kaila, which today sees the light of day after its big brother, Analytics, celebrated its first birthday.


Assessment of Kaila’s first year

It is time, therefore, to draw up an initial balance sheet, which the platform does not hesitate to consider as fully positive. “The keys to this success lie, on the one hand, in ZABALA’s commitment from the outset to this new line of business, which is part of its digital transformation strategy, and, on the other, in the decision to develop it in-house,” says the platform’s user experience designer, Raquel Arrondo. “This has allowed us to understand the exact needs of users from proximity so that we can adapt all the content,” she adds.

What is Kaila

Kaila is a smart digital services platform to foster open innovation by facilitating the creation and management of innovation ecosystems in Europe. Kaila allows to obtain funding for projects, analyse innovation trends, perform competitive surveillance and find partners and collaborators.

The platform also unifies different open data sources at European level to facilitate analysis and the extraction of added-value information. It therefore offers three advantages: it saves time, because it allows simultaneous access to dozens of sources at the same time, without the need to collate them; it facilitates decision-making, because it processes all the information and displays it graphically, making it easier to analyse; and it allows understanding how innovation ecosystems behave.

Origin of Kaila

Kaila was born as an internal tool to facilitate the work of the ZABALA Innovation consultancy team. Initially it was a search engine for calls for proposals, projects and organisations. After positive feedback from the company’s users, it was decided to open it to the public as a company commitment to open innovation. Over time, Kaila has developed a set of functionalities together with a powerful graphical interface for data visualisation, thus becoming a fundamental tool for boosting innovation processes in all types of organisations.

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