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How to join a European consortium step by step

How to join a European consortium step by step

Achieving an effective and long-lasting collaboration within the European funding environment, either by seeking partners for your project or by joining forces with a European consortium, can present some challenges. To address these issues and establish an effective strategy, Zabala Innovation and Kaila, our innovation ecosystem, have organised a webinar step-by-step on how to join a European consortium.

In this short session, we will explore in a practical way the importance and benefits of establishing a presence in European networks and consortia or how to gain visibility at the European level. In addition, we will discuss the keys to creating your own consortium and provide practical examples.

When and where?

Next Wednesday, April 5th, at 10:00h we will be waiting for you on our GotoWebinar platform. Join us!


Aránzazu Albístur, Project manager at Kaila, will address the following points in a practical way:

  • Why is it important to position oneself in the environment of European funding programmes or simply to participate in European collaborative projects?
  • How to start positioning myself in European networks and consortia?
  • Keys to build your own consortium or how to find someone to join a consortium.
  • Questions and answers


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