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The future of sustainable mobility to be debated at the Global Mobility Call 2022

Global Mobility Call

The first edition of the Global Mobility Call (GMC) will bring together, between 14 and 16 June, leading companies and experts from around the world to promote and build mobility in line with today’s needs. The climate emergency and energy transformation are two of today’s great challenges, and more and more disruptive tools and solutions are being put at the service of these causes.

This event at IFEMA Madrid will bring together key players focused on building a new model of mobility that is “greener” and more environmentally friendly. Zabala Innovation will be part of the Global Mobility Call, an international platform for exhibitors, partners, and speakers of this sustainable mobility ecosystem.

Among the international leaders who will be attending the GMC will be Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain; Michio Kaku, scientist and futurist; Jeffrey Sachs, economist and sustainability expert; Raquel Sánchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; among others; institutions such as the EU, the IDB, the WHO, the WWF and large private and public companies.

The congress is organised by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub, with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and the Urban Agenda.

Global Mobility Call Agenda

Here you can find the agenda of the event and the presence of Zabala Innovation professionals in the different sessions. As moderators will be present the journalists Susana Garayoa and Ana Lumbreras; as leader of the Transport knowledge area, Sergio Úbeda; and as head of business development, Daniel Agudo.

15/06/2022 – 10.00 h – Development of mobility in rural areas. Society’s great challenge.


  • Ms. María José Rallo (Secretary of State for Transport – MITMA)
  • D. Francesc Boya (Secretary General Demographic Challenge, MITERD)
  • D. Ignacio Hernando (Regional Minister of Development of the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha)
  • Mr. José Luis Soro (Councillor of the Department of Territorial Development, Mobility and Housing of the Government of Aragon)
  • Mr. José Víctor Fernández (Mayor of Cangas del Narcea – President of the Commission for Rural Development and Fisheries of the FEMP)
  • Moderator – Susana Garayoa (Head of Institutional Relations and Communication in Europe – Zabala Innovation)

15/06/2022 – 11.30 a.m. – The relevance of the territory: Structuring rural mobility through the Autonomous Communities. Plan of Initiatives for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience (I)


  • Dñ. Eva Mª Sanchez-Montero (D.G. Transport of the Junta de Extremadura)
  • Ms. Berta Miranda (D.G. of Transport and Sustainable Mobility of the Government of Navarra)
  • Ms. Roser Obrer Marco (D.G. of  Public Works, Transport and Sustainable Mobility of the Valencia Regional Government)
  • Moderator – Sergio Úbeda (Leader of the Transport knowledge area – Zabala Innovation)

15/06/2022 – 12.30 h. – The relevance of the territory: Structuring rural mobility through the Autonomous Communities. Plan of Initiatives for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience (II)


  • Ms. Mercè Rius i Serra (D.G. de Transports i Mobilitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • D. Miguel Ángel Creso (D.G. of Territorial Planning of the D.F. Gipuzkoa)
  • D. José Luis Fernández-Quejo del Pozo (D.G. of Transport and Mobility Community of Madrid)
  • Moderator – Daniel Agudo (Head of Business Development – Zabala Innovation)

15/06/2022 – 16.40 h. – Innovation and Capacity Building for Robust Rural Mobility (International Projects)


  • Seppo Ahola (kemin Digipolis OY, Finland)
  • Anna Reichenberger (Regional management metropolitan area of Styria, Austria)
  • Lei Chen (RISE, Sweden)
  • Moderator – Ana Lumbreras (European projects Communication – Zabala Innovation)

SENATOR within the Global Mobility Call

The SENATOR project has organised a session on 15 June from 11:45 to 12:30 on how last-mile logistics conditions mobility and how new urbanism takes into account urban logistics in this new approach. SENATOR will be presented as a case study and example of an innovation project that will be tested in the real environment in urban living labs in Zaragoza and Dublin.

This is a European project that aims to make cities sustainable through logistics and urban planning solutions. SENATOR (which started in 2020 and will end in 2024) is developing a platform that will optimise goods delivery services in urban areas. It will act as a control tower for last-mile logistics operations by facilitating collaboration between citizens, carriers, logistics operators, and municipalities (which manage urban space).

SENATOR’s platform will use real-time information and artificial intelligence to make order delivery routes more efficient and, for example, anticipate delivery contingencies to provide timely solutions.

The initiative will test its effectiveness in the real world, in Zaragoza and Dublin, which will function as urban living laboratories. These SENATOR pilot cities were selected to be part of the EU Mission for 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030. The project will be tested in these cities to analyse the feasibility of the logistics control tower and measure its economic, environmental, and social impact.

The panel of experts for the Global Mobility Call 2022 session will be composed of Ángela Núñez from Correos, Breogan Sánchez from the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, one of the SENATOR pilot cities, and Aoife O’Connor from An Post, the Irish national postal service. The session will be moderated by Susana Garayoa of Zabala Innovation in the New Urban Planning Forum.


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