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European Innovation Consultants Working Group accelarates its outreach with a website launch

The European Working Group of Innovation Consultants (EWGIC) gathers experts in the field of European research and innovation projects. The group aims to facilitate exchange and promotion of best practices and success stories, as well as to promote professional skills and expertise in European RDI projects. Today the group gathers 20 companies and two national associations, active in more than 18 countries around Europe. It is growing every month.

One of the first actions undertaken by EWGIC has been the publication of a Manifesto to support project management in Horizon Europe. The proposed measures include:

Recognising the impact of management expertise by allowing the participation of other partners, not just the Coordinator; and allowing the subcontracting of management tasks;

 Promoting good project management practices such as the early delivery of a project management plan; the dedication of the management activities to a skilled workforce; the use of collaborative project management tools; and the preparation of the impact assessment and the project results exploitation.

The Manifesto has been presented by EWGIC to the European Commission at the occasion of the RDI Days. Today, it has been signed by over 150 organisations across Europe, including consultancies, leading RTOs, public authorities, technology transfer organisations and leading industrial associations.

In the particular context of the current COVID-19 Crisis, members of EWGIC have helped in filing a significant number of applications to the Horizon 2020 programme and especially the EIC Accelerator March deadline, which many start-ups in the area could not have reached without professional help.

The website is accessible at www.ewgic.eu . You will find the objectives of the initiative; recent news about EWGIC, the list of members, a link to the Manifesto and the possibility to support it by signing it online, a registration form to request membership to the Working Group-

For more information about EWGIC:

Visit our website at www.ewgic.eu  

The current list of members is the following: https://www.ewgic.eu/members.html

Follow our LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/european-working-group-of-innovation-consultants/

Follow us on Twitter: @eu_innovconsult

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