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EDI selects the 40 brightest Big Data startups in Europe

European Data Incubator (EDI) is a 3-year project that offers around 100 startups the chance to solve data challenges set by major European corporates. As last year, ZABALA has led the call management process, leading the evaluation and selection of the 40 most promising European startups in Big Data.

This second-year programme has evolved from the first. This year startups have been able to apply for EDI via new tracks: in addition to choosing the challenges set by the EDI data providers, startups have been able to also either propose additional external data to solve said challenges, or create their own challenge from scratch with their own data provider. These new options have given the startups more flexibility and freedom to create the most impactful big data innovations.

Benefits of the programme include up to €100k in equity-free funding, mentoring, workshops, access to a free cloud environment, and the chance to connect with and be recognised by major European organizations.

Big Data​ startups

  1. ORBEM
  3. Contiamo GmbH
  4. MobyGIS Srl
  5. Tvarit GmbH
  6. Sensinov
  7. DAIAD
  8. Bettair Cities S.L
  9. Consultoría y Comunicaciones de Navarra, S. L.
  10. outsmart.ai
  11. Capte B.V.
  12. LIVE TECH S.R.L.
  13. SMAP Energy Limited
  14. Big Data Engineering STA Services S.L.
  15. Risk Prevent Software GmbH
  16. Sensifai bvba
  17. tsenso GmbH
  18. You Are My Guide SRL
  19. Jetware S.R.L.
  20. nevisQ GmbH
  21. Datrik Intelligence SA
  22. Builtrix
  24. Energenius S.R.L.
  25. Novamet Sàrl
  26. Ensaco Solutions doo
  27. ContentPro AG
  28. YDATA
  29. Improving Metrics
  30. Arakne s.r.l.
  31. Anadue Limited
  32. Maxfone SRL
  33. Heldenkombinat Technologies GmbH
  34. SPC Innovation
  35. Aindo
  37. IntelSoft Technologies
  39. Binary Brains AB
  40. Feelingstream OÜ

Datathon in Berlin

Each year of the EDI incubation process is divided into three progressive phases, in which only the best startups pass to the next level: ‘Explore’, ‘Experiment’, ‘Evolve’.

On 9 and 10 October 2019, the 40 bright startups will travel to Berlin for the first ‘Explore’ phase. Here they will take part in a datathon, practice their pitches, receive €5k (equity-free) and meet face-to-face with the corporates. Finally, a jury will decide which startups will pass to the next ‘Experiment’ level.

European Data Incubator (EDI) programme is run by 20+ partners across Europe, including ZABALA Innovation Consulting. It gives the most innovative ‘Big Data’ startups like – Data Providers, Sonae, EMASESA and IAAF- the opportunity to tackle real world challenges set by corporates across Europe.

To read more about EDI, visit their website: www.edincubator.eu


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