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Data Market Services at the Big Data Value Public Private Partnership Summit

This year’s summit  was held in Riga from 24th to 26th of June, at   the Latvian National Library. The event  came after several weeks of collaboration of both Big Data and robotics communities that have resulted in the elaboration of a joint Strategic Research Innovation and Deployment Agenda for a European AI PPP. It had the threefold objective of giving visibility to the PPP activities carried out, attracting new actors to the ecosystem, and strengthening links and collaborations.

The event held parallel workshops with different tracks Artificial Intelligence, Business, Use Case and Governance and Project Services, where BDVA members, PPP projects and other actors collaborated in bringing together experiences, success stories and results on different topics.

The Data Market Services, an Horizon2020 initiative coordinated by ZABALA Innovation Consulting as part of  the Big Data Value PPP, participated in the workshop hosted by the event “Data-driven business models: turning digital transformation into a competitive advantage”. The main goal of Data Market Services is to transform the European start-up ecosystem to overcome the barriers of data-centric SMEs and start-ups in data skills and entrepreneurial opportunities. In order to support the participating entities, the Data Market Services brings together twelve free support services in five categories (fundraising, acceleration, standards & legal, promotion and data skills). To achieve this, 150-data-based companies’ portfolio in 3 different cohorts from 2019 to 2021 will be built.

This thematic session provided a window into emerging business opportunities and levers of business model innovation enabled by Big Data. A line-up of speakers drove the audience through business stories and lessons learnt from EU companies, thus helping to make the business model perspective more central in the BDVA debate.

The session was moderated by Ana García (BDVA) and Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia (SAP, BDVe project) and introduced by Thomas Hahn (Siemens) and BDVA president. During the same success stories and novel visions coming from BDVA companies, breakthroughs from projects funded under the BDV PPP umbrella and start-ups supported by EU-funded incubators, market research findings as well as original ideas from industry analysts, advisory firms, and researchers, were showcased.

Together with Data Market Services, other initiatives presented were the European Data Incubator (ZABALA also is member of the consortium), “Business models from EDI incubated startups” (University of Deusto), BDVe projects, “Success Patterns of Data-driven Business Opportunities” (Siemens), TT Project, “Data-driven decision making in retailing” (INDRA), Digital Enabler “Data integration platform and company cases” (Engineering), and “Data Economy in Manufacturing Industry: an opportunity for new business and innovation models” (Polimi).

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