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Communicating a common vision for a European energy transition

Since 2014, the strategy of the European Union has been clear: we need to drive a clean, secure and efficient energy transition to face climate and energy challenges.  It is in everyone’s long term interest to have a rapid transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable and less carbon intensive energy future. While policy makers, industry and researchers need to lead the way and lay down the foundations for the transition towards a cleaner energy system, the citizen is the fundamental player that will make this transition possible.

There are many projects across Europe that are developing the necessary technologies to make Europe’s transition to greener energy as smooth and effective, as possible but still not broad citizen awareness about them. For this reason, and in line it’s Vision 2050,  the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Smart Networks in Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) coordinated by ZABALA, is taking steps to foster better communication to citizens about how publicly funded energy transition projects will help reduce the environmental impact of energy production as well as the energy costs for consumers.

The ETIP SNET “Energy Stories” is a communication action lead by ZABALA with the objective of developing easy-to-understand articles on successful applications and best practices in energy transition technologies and bring them to the wider public, highlighting the direct benefits of these technologies for the energy consumer and society at large. So far, 3 stories are available to view with another 4 coming out at the beginning of May 2019.

In need of communication support for your EU project?

Great ideas without great communication will struggle to drive the innovation that is needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  Whether it is developing success stories, managing social media or disseminating projects outputs to the right target audience, ZABALA is gradually growing its capacities in public science communication, research and innovation to offer the communication support you need for your EU projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out better how we can help make your project reach the people you want.

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