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CIRCUSOL: Do not miss the Workshop “Batteries: their remaining quality and second life application”

A workshop with discussions on how to economically extend battery lifetime has been organized by the CIRCUSOL project. The workshop will take place on the 11th of March 2019 (Tulip Inn Düsseldorf Arena Hotel) on the eve of the Energy Storage Europe (ESE) expo+conferences . The workshop is a day ahead of this important event. When batteries retire from EV applications, they often still have 70-80% of capacity. Major car manufacturers have been investing in technologies to exploit remaining capacity in used EV batteries for stationary storage applications such as grid stabilization, industrial, commercial and residential consumption. Although EV battery re-use in stationary applications seems to offer obvious environmental and economic opportunities, whether end-of-life EV batteries should be recycled or re-used is still hotly debated in the community.
The workshop will be focused on:
  • Experiences with methods to measure quality.
  • Projects with second life batteries.
  • Standards for re-purposing batteries and the standardization approach.
  • Explanation of the preparatory study on eco-design of batteries.
  • Security of second life batteries.
More details on the preliminary programme and registration are available at:
ZABALA Innovation Consulting contributes to CIRCUSOL involving the stakeholders of the solar power sector, the end users and the European actors through communication and dissemination strategies. ZABALA also supports the coordination and management of this project.
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