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Chapter #7. Food and Bioeconomy area


The agri-food sector is currently facing a series of challenges at a global level to adapt to an increasingly competitive environment. The aim is to efficiently combine the search for greater sustainability throughout the entire process. This sustainability has three main pillars that must be tackled together: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability.

On the one hand, it is a question of adapting to climate change while maintaining biodiversity, while on the other hand, it is a question of increasing the quality of the food system from the moment of primary production until it reaches the end consumer.

Likewise, the bioeconomy and the circular economy aim to provide new solutions that constitute alternatives to consolidate the population in rural areas through the development of new business models.

Néstor Etxaleku, leader of the Food and Bioeconomy area

In the following video, Néstor Etxaleku tells us about the work carried out in the area of knowledge he leads.

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