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Chapter #5. Security and Space area

Matgherita Volpe

Margherita Volpe leads ZABALA Innovation’s Security and Space area, where, together with her entire team, she helps different organisations understand that their sectors, security and space, are not simply niche sectors, but cut across all industries.

Her daily work is to help organisations navigate and access existing funding opportunities to promote societal safety, security and resilience, as well as to encourage the adoption of satellite technologies in specific applications.

Margherita Volpe, Security and Space Area Leader

Security and space are cross-cutting areas, as security involves the protection of infrastructures that enable movement between countries, the use of energy and communication between people, while facilitating the design of new products and services capable of guaranteeing a high level of privacy, security and protection of each individual. In the same way, satellite technologies serve to enable new services such as positioning systems or automatic alerts based on satellite image analysis and new space-based communications.

Stay tuned for our next chapters! In the next one, you will be able to meet Juan Cristóbal García, leader of the Industry and Digital area of ZABALA Innovation.

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