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Navarra Digital Strategy 2030

The Navarra Digital Strategy 2030, prepared by the General Directorate of Telecommunications and Digitisation,  in which Zabala Innovation participates, aims to offer 100% digital services to the entire population and maintain a commitment to sustainability.

The goal of the strategy is to reach the population of the Foral Community, educate and offer 100% digital and sustainable services.

The plan contains a proposal for a digital governance model that encourages the participation of the population in all areas: public administration, research and business.

Javier Morentin

“The Navarra Digital Strategy 2030 is the basis for building the Navarra Digital plan for the Next Generation EU European funds, which aims to reflect Navarra's unique digitisation project and present it in Europe, through the Government of Spain.”

Javier Morentin

Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation / Executive Committee

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