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Evaluation of the process of updating the smart specialisation strategy of Navarra (S3) in the period 2016- 2017.

“With the aim of verifying that the procedures and requirements defined by the European Commission for the elaboration of RIS3 strategies have been followed, as well as to detect successes and areas for improvement, and to propose recommendations for the implementation and monitoring phase, SODENA (Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra, S.L.) published a call for tender for an external evaluation to be carried out by an expert and accredited consultancy firm.

The tender was won by ZABALA Innovation Consulting and Loyola University, and the two organisations jointly signed this external report on the degree of compliance in Navarra with the methodology envisaged by the European Commission with regard to the Smart Specialisation Strategy, concluding that the S3 is “clearly” complied with.

The so-called S3 or RIS3, versions of the acronym Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation, involves the assumption of a model of sustainable economic growth and development based on selecting the strong points of the economy of Navarre with the participation of all the agents involved.

The evaluation work has been carried out by analysing the five steps established by the European Commission for the design of a smart specialisation strategy: (1) diagnosis, (2) formulation of priorities, (3) governance system, (4) public framework of measures and actions and evaluation system, and (5) monitoring. In addition, it has been carried out with a qualitative methodology, including 20 in-depth interviews with a representative sample of participants in the process.”

“The report describes Navarra's action as "coherent with the European Commission's recommendations and it is very positive to specify the application of the S3 through specific challenges with a short-medium term time horizon (2020)."”

Francisco de Arístegui

Director of Studies

Team involved

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