Cascade Funding calls

Check out the various available Cascade Funding calls. This European Commission mechanism aims to simplify the administrative procedures with the applicant entities, mainly SMEs and start-ups. What are you waiting for? Seize the opportunities that await you!

Calls promoted by ZABALA

At ZABALA Innovation, we organise and manage several crowdfunding projects. If you are interested, get in touch with our team! Here you can see some of our most notable projects.

convocatorias de financiación en cascada

Imminent closure calls

We keep you informed on a regular basis of all the cascade funding calls that are currently open and are about to close. Energy, food, big data…  there are calls for all kinds of projects!

convocatorias de financiación

All calls for proposals

Here, you will find a calendar with all the cascade funding calls, so that you can manage the ones you are most interested in.

convocatorias de financiación en cascada